Why we started OnyxPro

December 3, 2017, 19:12 —

It all started four years ago, when we met, my partner Christian and me Elina. Already before we met, we both were willing to create something new. Christian’s wish always was to create something that would make the world a better place, whereas my wish was to have the opportunity to live in the healthiest way, and the idea about OnyxPro and products that protect from harmful electromagnetic radiation* was born. I was knowing some information about electromagnetic radiation already before, but as it happens in our very busy lives not always we manage to pay enough attention to some issues and to gain more understanding about them. Moreover, not always we want to believe in some issues as then we would need to change our habits, would need to adapt. Nowadays we are already living in the fast-changing environment and we need to be ready to adapt all the time and we are not looking for the things to make our life even more complicated. And then you read the scientific reports and listen to interviews with scientists (Klinghardt, 2017)**, who are warning you that your mobile phone to which you have been used so much and which makes your life so much more comfortable or WIFI that is surrounding you almost everywhere, which is so much convenient as you can be online everywhere is harmful to your health. Your first reaction, that just cannot be true. The people who are in their twenties and thirties have used this technology since they remember themselves and now it is said to endanger their health. The first natural reaction of course is, that it just cannot be truth. And why no one around us except scientists speak about it? Why we mostly do not hear it in the news, fro Read more»